Has Cricket found its true calling in US ?


As they say, when you have Gods on your side, the call becomes much stronger. Only difference being, this time Gods shall be weilding power with a cricket bat and ball, instead of a holy book in hand. And I am not exagerating. Introducing Sachin Tendulkar & Shane Warne. Gods of the cricketing world. Their […]

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Could Gandhi’s Big Idea ever be funded ?


In the world of violence, it’s time Non-violence found its voice back While sipping through coffee at work one afternoon, I came across this 300 word article on who was great , Gandhi or Jobs? Dumbfounded. I was trying to rationalize If such a comparison, could even produce a rational argument. I am not siding either […]

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What India did that even Elon Musk couldn’t


When you see a bunch of sari clad women, jubilant at India’s premier space research organization, ISRO; the typical stereotype within you, makes one think, if they are beaming with pride for their better halves working at the prestigious organization. Only to your dismay, to find out, that they themselves form the nucleus to the […]

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Are the String pullers (BCCI) of Cricket, being pulled this time around

String pullers BCCI

These are testing times for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). I don’t know If it’s the team’s bad fortune, that’s rubbing off or just pure plain karma. The string pullers are certainly being pulled this time around. The Fair trade regulator Competition Commission has charged the Cricket governing body with a whooping penalty of […]

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