Sachin Tendulkar- From being the Answer to Becoming the Solution

Sachin Tendulkar_Solution to Cricket problems
Sachin Tendulkar_Solution to Cricket problems

When Harsha Bhogle penned his Letter to Sachin in December 2012 , he just added another Ode to the 700 other featured articles on Cricinfo since 2007 World Cup, when the first time an article had been published about Sachin’s retirement.

Starting out as the answer to every Indian cricketing  fan, this player has now become a solution to every cricketing writer’s block.

No wonder people call him  ‘ God’.

With 10 Million Likes on Facebook and 3.5 Million followers on Twitter, he is not just in hearts and minds of people, but part of their Social circles. As they say, God is Everywhere. So is Sachin.

Recently he surpassed MS Dhoni as the Most Searched Cricketer in 2013.  Now, With him retiring from the IPL, we are certainly going to see more thank you letters in the coming days.

His retirement has been a topic of national importance and continue to garner the highest TRP s for news channels all across. Sometimes by cricketing experts and commentators, but  most of the times by cricketing clowns who break apart his statistics, form and temperament, every time he comes to bat.

Greatness lies in humility. No press conferences, no felicitation functions, just a 1-page press release. That’s what summed up the limited overs journey for Sachin. A goodbye in the subtlest possible ways. I am sure, whenever he takes the call for his Test retirement, there won’t be announcements, hoopla’s or grandeur functions to do the same. If It was otherwise, he would have made the announcement after the recently concluded India-Australia Test series, which many may have assumed to be his last series at Home; leaving the game on a high note.

But then, It would not have been the Tendulkar we all know.

The 16 year school kid playing against Pakistan with a bloodied nose,  to scoring a century against Kenya a day after his father’s demise to gleaming cherubically lifting the World Cup trophy in 2011. These are all images of the little man, the world will never forget.

While coming up with the title for this article, I tried my hand at all possible adjectives, but all of them seem to have been taken up by articles written about him. Thus, Words did fall short and adjectives did seem futile.

With Probity and propriety being the need of the hour in Cricket today, a lot of cleansing needs to be done in order to restore the damage that has befallen the game. It’s time, Cricket’s biggest ambassador bails out the sport, the same way he did the Indian Cricket team, in their times of crisis.

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IPL 6- Cricket’s Biggest Party of 2013

IPL6- Cricket's Biggest Party of 2013
IPL6- Cricket's Biggest Party of 2013
IPL6- Cricket’s Biggest Party of 2013

Some call it the biggest blockbuster of the Indian summer; others call it the Biggest Controversy in Cricket.

Love it or Hate it. The fact is – You can’t – Ignore it.

Time to throw away the Whites and Don the Colors. Coz, it’s time to get dressed. Dressed for Cricket’s biggest party of 2013.  Time for IPL-6.

A party that not only the fans, players and organizers await, but one that the cash cows of BCCI eagerly await.

With a  400 crore ($71.77 million) bid for the next 5 years, almost double than what its predecessor DLF paid in 2008, It surely is Pepsi’s way of hitting a ‘DLF Maximum’ to stake its claim in India’s Cricketing foray. A thought reiterated by its CEO Gautham Mukkavilli ‘Cricket is a religion in India and IPL is now its most revered temple where the faithful flock to’.

With a rejuvenated campaign, new teams and changed sponsorship’s, the Sixth edition promises to become even bigger. So what are you waiting for-?

The carpets are all rolled out. People got their Popcorn’s. Let the games begin.

If IPL seems so good to be true. Why the conspiracy theory about the IPL’s boom and burst hypnosis.

It’s not a new phenomenon. People have always raised questions about the fragile foundations of the league, be it through its overvaluation in 2010, when the league was valued at $ 4.13 billion; to the financial irregularities of the playing franchises to penalizing the string pullers (BCCI) for indulging in market abuse and anti-competitive practices.

In fact, some of its critics are certainly waiting patiently in the sidelines to witness its slow motion death and then its downfall.

What they have failed to disintegrate in their analysis of the league and its predicaments are the sentiments of the cricketing fan, every time he cheers for his team from the cricketing stands or from their television sets.

And buoy, do they roar with full gusto

After all, who wouldn’t want to see Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar, in the same colors discussing a field placement or fist thump each other at the fall of a wicket for Mumbai Indians or for that matter a 19 year old Unmukt Chand, having just taken baby steps in International Cricket lofting the mighty Dale Steyn for a Six across the boundary ropes to help the Delhi Daredevils Win.

Its adrenaline rushes and hair –raising moments like these that give the cricket fan pure joy. All of which are amply exhibited and justified  by not only the amount of noise the fans make in the stands but also by the amount the spend from their wallets .

Who says it’s been a clean-cut controversy free cricketing spectacle. If the first season was marred by the Harbhajan Singh- Sreesanth Slapgate scandal, this year it’s the banning of Sri Lankan cricketers from playing in Chennai.

And next year, it might be something else.

Teams and players will always come and go. If there was a Deccan Charger, now there is a Hyderabad Sunrisers. If there was a Sanath Jayasuriya, now there is a Chris Gayle and tomorrow there might be someone else. What seems to have remained intact is the spirit with which the cricketing fan has followed his team.

Even the recently concluded the India-Australia Border Gavaskar series was not able to rake in crowds like some of last year’s IPL games.

If English Premier League was the basis on which the tournament was started, the future of Cricket might just only be the IPL with the other International games and Qualifiers being limited to the Cricket World Cup. You might just be seeing the sport in a new form altogether. Imagine a scenario where MS Dhoni is playing more with Dwayne Bravo than Virat Kohli and you would get your answer.

So, when Pitbull blasts away his ‘Don’t stop the party’ at the opening ceremony of this year’s IPL, you better come prepared in your dancing shoes, coz who knows It might just be the only cricketing party in true sense you would be able to enjoy all this year.